Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday April 30, 2007

This is the Center of one of my Bible quilts that are in progress. This one is not a very good picture but it is burgandy, mauve, teal, off white, greens, and pinks. It is a tree of life set on point. It is just another of my projects that are on my to do list that I hope to get working on and possibly get to finish before the end of the year.... note the possibly... the list is long, and getting longer every day!! I have another Bible quilt in progress that is based on the women of the bible and one that is on the back burner based on the book of Psalms. Eventually they all will get done!
I'm finding that the quilting has become a great stress reliever for me. I've also picked back up on crochet. It's a matter of finding something to keep me relaxed and able to lay back and take it easy! Not something I do well. It has helped to find a fun group of online friends that make me laugh.. thanks to Mark and his posse of Quilters Home! You can find them at Yahoo groups! They are awesome, and boy do they make you laugh! Mark's magazine is so awesome too... such wit and so much quilting inspiration!
Today has been one of those days that there hasn't been enough hours in the day! If I could have just added another 10 or so I would have been so much happier. I could have found time to relax, kick back and get some housework accomplished, as well as all of the other normal things that go along with "my" daily life. The dr visits stink, as well as the other things that go along with it! I would much rather stay at home and craft, crochet and quilt! Not to mention the fact that it is getting sort of warm here that you can actually get outside and do something!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Fever

Boy, it's been like spring here the last couple of days after a weekend of snow! and what am I doing? cleaning, rearranging, throwing things out and trying to sew, and quilt, all at the same time, as well as chase my almost 2 yr old granddaughter around! now am I crazy or what? that's not taking into account the laundry or the other household normals that have to be done... and my oldest daughter came in and said but mom... you had one room clean... and its a mess again!! well, ummm I've got about 4 boxes of books, and another 4 boxes of fabric in there... its the dining room/sewing room and I've been trying to sew, and need to find bookcases that will fit in the spaces I have to put them in.... so let's see... until that happens I guess the boxes will either stay where they are... the books that is... or I'll have to rearrange the one closet so they will fit in there! but that means someone has to be here to help move the boxes in the closet and then help put the book boxes in the closet, and I don't forsee that happening any time in the near future!
So I guess one room will just have to have boxes for the time being! I can live with it and hubby can live with it, and since they don't live here they can deal with it! if not they don't need to come visit til they are put away.... see I'm not always a push over Betty!
Today has been a great day to get things done... now I can't wait for the granddaughter to go home so I can get more sewing and quilting done! I'm on a roll that I don't want to stop!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Empty Nest Syndrome-Are you nuts?

If anyone would have told me I would miss my kids I would have told them they were crazy! There are days I really and truthfully do.... and then there are days when I'd really love to throttle them all.... today was a day that only one would have gotten throttled.... at about 4 am when she woke me up trying to get on the computer that she broke!!!! she couldn't understand why it was password protected so she couldn't get online for started... ummm lets see... I can count about 150 of them.... they are called viruses, malware, adware, and trojans.... but she doesn't go anywhere that she can get them... even tho the history on her account says otherwise! go figure.... anyone that can prove to me that all blonde aren't this dumb plz stand up!!! sorry, I'm not dumbing down anyone... this one just doesn't have any common sense and doesn't listen to anyone... she thinks she is always right... if you told her the earth was round she'd be determined to prove to you it was a rectangle and made of ice cream! :D HONESTLY!

I can honestly say that I don't suffer most days from empty nest syndrome... how can I? they are either here asking me to do their laundry, to baby sit or use the computer! its not like they don't have instant messenger of one sort or another on their cell phones.... or have access to the library... its the fact that they think everyone stays up all night like them... not!!! at least not this household... life is too short to miss the daytime! I have too many other things in life I'd much rather enjoy than seeing the darkness!

I've been printing pp patterns off left and right, got a few blocks completed, a few pieces of fabric cut, working on spring cleaning, and laundry something that is a never ending process here, if its not ours its theirs.. or fabric of course.... which I was almost as much as our laundry... great thing to have to clean! well guess I'd best get back to working, I want to work on the quilt that I'm hand quilting since I've not had much chance to piece anything today...

hope everyone has had a great beginning of the week, I know some have had rain and snow, I know its been nasty!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Getting Creative!!

Boy, guess when I light a fire under myself I really light a fire! I've got one quilt sandwhiched and working on handquilting it, made templates for another, cut the pieces, and have it almost completely handpieced, and have another paperpiece pattern printed and am working on picking out the fabrics for it, have printed out paperpiece patterns for my granddaughter's quilt top border, for her name, and will work on that this next week, I've got fabric to cut yet tonite so I can mail it tomorrow morning, and have been to the quilt shop today! Was a slight disappointment as I was also looking for Quilter's Home Magazine and the shop no longer carries magazines. I was really really disappointed, as this magazine is normally only sold in shops and this is the closest shop to me! So I guess when it comes to buying magazines I'll have to shop at another LQS when I find one near me! that part of my business they have lost! which is a shame because I purchase a lot of magazines!

About me

Well, what can I say? I've been a quilter for over 20 yrs.. I'm a mom to 3 sometimes wonderful kids.. note the sometimes... right now they aren't so wonderful... they think I'm the bank of mom at the moment and I keep telling them the bank of mom has closed and is on the verge of foreclosing on them! they don't seem to get it! what kid does? They are 32, 29, and 28, and I've 6 beautiful grandchildren.  A granddaughter -Mercedes who's 10, a granddaughter -Amyrah who's 7, a grandson -Hunter who's an angel in heaven watching ovef us whk would have been 5 in August, a granddaughter -Alayja who's t, a grandson -Chase who is 4 and a granddaughter - Mari'ana who's 3 months. I've been adjusting to single life since the beginning of January of 2008.  It's been a difficult transformation.

My gran taught me to quilt a long long time ago (I must of been about 6 or 7 maybe younger), when I was at the point of.... why in the world would any one 'want' to make their own blankets or quilts when you can go and buy them? She also taught me to make my own clothing... of which I was eternally greatful for! Go figure! That one made sense to me! At least I didn't have to wear clothing that looked like every other teenage girl in school... I could be individual! that I thought was great! I am ever so greatful that she taught me to do these things. If she would have left it to my mom to teach me I never would have learned! Mamma never did much sewing past the occasional patching of holes we made or darning of socks.

Well, guess by now you've gotten bored, and I'm ready to start back to piecing some blocks, so until next time!