Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Plaids, Spring, and Creative Inspiration

Ever sit and ponder what you are going to do with something that you just know you have to do something with? You have the right fabrics to match.. you just aren't sure what to do with it?? One just isn't what you are used to working with?? It's such a beautiful fabric, you're not sure you can do it justice? It is so out of your comfort zone you aren't sure exactly what in the wild world to precisely do?
I had such a piece of fabric today. It is such a vibrant piece. Bright yellows, reds, oranges, and blues woven together in a rainbow basketweave of plaids. I just wasn't sure what to do with it. I sat and stared at it! After longer, more careful examination of it, I realized that the colors almost matched the rainbow itself! It reminded me of spring, and Easter! wow what a wonderful thought! It brought to mind all those wonderful things that you think of when thinking of spring. Crocus', Buttercups, Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies, Tulips, all the beautiful flowers that bloom at that time of the year! what an awesome idea! wow even tired brains do work!
So off to the drawing board I went! Hopefully all of my projects this week are this easy! Will let you know how the project progresses! Hope all your day has been a bright one and all of your points and seams match!

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