Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is Anybody Out There? Does Anybody Care?

There is a song out old one called "Is There Anybody Listening?" by Queensryche. I've heard it quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Ever have days when you wonder if there's anyone really listening? If anyone really cares? Part of the song says...."Is there anybody out there, is there anybody listening, does anyone even care?" That part has always made me think.....ever since the song came out it has been one of my favorites. Main reason for it... it's very thought provoking... makes you really think about what's going on around you....

You could be surrounded by a huge crowd of people....and there may not be a single person in the crowd who knows your face, your name or anything about you. In crowds of thousands you can still feel alone, still feel that no one even cares. It really bothers me that this world has come to that today. It bothers me even more so when you think that some of those folks can be your friends and/or family. They let the days, hours, weeks, months and years go by and loose touch with anyone who might even care, until it's too late. Then they wonder why? How did this happen? Why did it happen? When did I allow it to happen?

"In this sea of faces,

All are going to separate places.

None stop to wonder,

Who is out there?

This sea of faces

Is filled with emotions.

Still none stop to wonder

Why is anyone out there?

Faces in the sea,

Does anybody even look at me?

Do they even listen, do they even care?

This sea of faces is void of emotions.

Thinking throughout the years, there have been many times I've felt like this. Wondering if there really was anyone out there that really cared. Days are better now. My heart and soul knows I don't need someone or something to make me complete. I can do it on my own with the help of a greater being, it can be done.

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Shelina said...

Some people are just too busy doing the things they routinely do, and the things they have extended themselves to do, that they just forget to do the important things. Maybe you can call them to remind them, or invite them to some activity to do with you.