Friday, May 11, 2007

Fabric Shopping, Soap Making and Spring

Oh my! Who would have ever thought that taking an almost 2 yr old to the fabric store could be so much fun??? Miss Mercedes and I went fabric shopping this afternoon. For those of you who don't know she is my granddaughter! and boy is she! Every possible combination of pinks and purples she could lay her fingers on went in the basket! Girl after my own heart! but yep she got mad when I put some of them back... but she got over it when they were out of sight out of mind... so then we went on to other parts of the store, and she was definitely determind that I needed one of almost everything... well we finally got out of the store... without spending the Kings Ransom... I'm sure grandpa will be happy to hear that! So, Mercedes is safely tucked back at home, at least for today, I've had the day basically for the most part for myself, and have been happily reading past issues of Quilter's Home magazine. Thanks Toby! and way to go Mark! It's one great magazine! Keep up the good work!! Keep it on the stands and we'll keep buying it!
So many ideas so little time!

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