Monday, June 11, 2007

Fat Eights

Ever wonder what to do with half of a fat quarter? or Wonder what it was? Well, a little bit of information for those who don't know. A fat eighth is half of a fat quarter. A fat quarter is actually a piece of fabric 9" x 11". A fat eighth is a piece that is cut in half from that. I signed up for a challenge using fat 8ths and it has been great! I received 4 fat 8ths from four other participants, I signed up for 2 groups so I actually got 8 of them! I had to come up with patterns to use, and fabric from my stash to make 12 inch blocks to return to them. It was a great learning experience! I had a blast and it was so much fun!
First Fat 8th group All Paper Pieced Patterns from Carol Doak
Second Fat 8th Group all Paper Pieced Patterns from Carol Doak

It's amazing what a little bit of time and imagination can bring forth!

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