Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas is over!

Well, Christmas is over, and I think I can honestly say it was the worst Christmas I have ever had!! It started with a broken left hand the weekend before Christmas, then went on to not getting to see my kids or my granddaughters, to waking up Christmas morning with the flu, then went on to my youngest granddaughter Amyra coming down with the same stomach flu when she came home from her daddy's the morning after Christmas, her mamma Jessica woke up with it the next morning. I finally got to see my oldest granddaughter, Mercedes, on Sunday the 27th for the day while her mamma and daddy worked, the same day we had a pretty nasty snow storm, she woke up at 5 am yesterday throwing up all over and basically spending the day in the bathroom, her daddy, Daniel came down with it last nite I'm praying her mama Christa doesn't wake up with it this morning, she's got a dr's appt with the pain management dr for shots in her hip and to get her prescriptions refilled, I'm to go with her so that I can pick up my presciptions and explain to the dr the problems she had with her knees as a child, she is finding she is starting to have the same problems I had started with when I was just about her age that has led to all of my back and kneck problems, which considering family history I'm assuming is hereditary as my mamma had the same symptoms for years. After her appt she is to take me to pick up my presciptions since today is one of those days I don't have a vehicle to drive, hopefully i'll get that done if not I will have to wait til my roommate gets home to go get them and my cereal. yippee get to go out in the cold! well that's all for now i'll try to remember to keep this updated more.. I'm hoping that once this cast comes off I'll be able to get moved and settled in so i can get back into sewing and a little bit of web designing to keep me occupied!!

Til Later, Ciao!!